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leo kwok
leo kwok

From Haven to Heaven

I have a dream, “The hard work and pressure can inspire me to become another Ralph Lauren.”
I have a dream, “Even a small step can a great leap. One day, I will have a shop in Fifth Avenue, NYC.”
I have a dream, “My passion and creative mind drive me to work 24 hours a day.”
I have a dream, “My shop is small but my dreams are big.”
Raymond Lun, worked at a local tailor for 6 years after graduating from fashion design school. One day, he left his tailoring job and spent a year in Australia to really think what he really wanted in life. Upon returning to his hometown, he made the biggest and riskiest decision of his life and began his own brand, focusing on tailor made suits and leather shoes for men. Starting with an extremely tight budget, he had no choice but to locate his shop in a remote area called Haven Street. But he did not let that deter him. In the beginning, it was very tough as he was just a "no-name" fashion designer and there weren't many people who frequented Haven Street. However, he never gave up. After five years of hard work and numerous failures,  his designs and craftsmanship become noticed and were highly praised by the public. Now in his mid-30's Raymond's clients now include some local celebrities and performing artists. Sales are now over 4,000 suits and 2,000 pairs of shoe each year.

“Once it was a secret haven, now it’s our heaven, my clients and mine, to make dreams come true.”


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