Last Man Standing

Mr. Kwok has been running an outdoor barber shop in Nga Tsin Wai Village for almost 30 years, with his “cozy” home just upstairs.
This village, having over 600 years of history, occupies an area of approximately 0.4 hectares. There are about 100 village houses here that are separated by three narrow streets and six side lanes. It is the only village located in an urbanized district and still retains the original inhabitants.
In 2007, the government stated its intentions to redevelop this area, which meant that this old village was going to be demolished.  Most of the inhabitants have since moved out and only a very few people, including Mr. Kwok, still live and work there. They have been appealing to the government for over six years to not demolish their homes. Everyday, from 8 am till 7pm, Mr Kwok helps the elderly people around him to cut their hair or give them a shave, earning just HK$10 to HK$20 each time. Sometimes, his younger sister who also works there shares his workload.
Kwok takes pride in how he can help others, and has even brought his fight-against government demolishment to his barber shop by pasting posters everywhere. Kwok is definitely not rich but he has spent every penny he has earned in his barber shop on his son’s education. His son just graduated from university this year.
Kwok doesn't appear to complain about his job or poverty but he rather uses his best energies to work for the elderly people and to protect his home, family and dignity.

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