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The Right to Hope

The Children have no identity. Some of them were born in Hong Kong and learnt to speak Cantonese, but their faces tell you they aren’t Chinese - but nor do they naturally belong to their own countries. Their parents left their countries of origin because of persecution on account of their religion, nationality, or political opinion. If they went "home", they’ll be sent to prison or killed by their own governments.  


Their parents made the choice to become refugees* but their children didn’t have a choice.  These families are stuck in Hong Kong, where they can’t work and can’t leave. 

Although Hong Kong Government provides free education and some financial assistance to each child, they can’t make new friends easily and sadly face racial and social class prejudice. 


Obviously they’re all living in a very bad environment. They’re isolated and suffer from low self-esteem. They don’t even know who they are. Living in the shadow of fear and helplessness, they aren’t “people who have the right to hope, the right to a future, the right to life itself”. 


These children aren’t asking too much, they just deserve the right to hope for complete identities, just like any others


*As of 8/2015, there’re about 9,900 refugees in HK


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